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By | 2014/03/19

What!? Is it entrepreneur related blog?
Why gym?

Yea! You are right! There is nothing about entrepreneurship!

It was August 2013, my first time to gym, around 8 months ago.

I wanted muscles.
That’s the reason why I went to gym.
Twice a week.
After months, I found I got more than muscles.

The first benefit from work out at gym is healthier body.


I always do weight training on all machines for 2 rounds and jogging for 30 mins.
2 hours in total, including stretching exercises.
Even though I am still far away from a muscle man, but I did feel I got stronger heart and lungs.
By the way, I went to public gym at Koto city in Tokyo last year, where costs 300 yen (3 USD)/time. It is so cheap! I moved this year and am going to Edogawa Sport Land now, where even costs lower, 200 (2 USD) yen/time!!!



(Photo from website of Edogawa Sport Land)

Working out is helpful for entrepreneurship!
To get you out of comfortable zone.

It is a well-known theory that everybody has 3 different feelings in different levels. One is the area one can feel comfortable and just utilize what he/she already knew. The second zone is a little bit tough and he/she need to work a little harder to achieve the goal. The third zone is totally out of the range he/she can reach.

Here I call these 3 zones as: “piece-of-a-cake zone”, “wow-it-is-tough zone” and “gonna-die zone.”

Weight training is exactly the practice for you to push you out of the piece-of-a-cake zone to the wow-it-is-tough zone.
If the weight is light in training, it is not effective. If too heavy, you will feel painful and may give up soon. Therefore, a suitable weight is the most effective.

Starting a business is the same!

As we can understand that freedom is the most attractive part in operating your own business, it is also possible that someone just fools around the whole day and not really growing his/her business, which will spend out the money and make the business go to the end soon. On the contrary, if somebody work too hard every day, he or she may lose his/her health or lose the long-term correct direction of his/her business.

So, the best way in my thoughts is to just stretch your life from piece-of-a-cake zone to wow-it-is-tough zone, then you can keep good pace in both life and business development.

Well, by the way I felt I am like masochistic while doing weight training…haha…

Actually I am fully sadistic…ha…

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