Nightmare past. Happy life today (3)

By | 2014/03/18

“Self acceptance”
“The power of misunderstanding that I am happy now”

Are the common points from the 4 people.

It was a 2 hour session.

I felt my heart was strongly pulled throughout the 2 hours.

But it is not due to the feeling of darkness, heaviness or pain.

It is kind of feeling of being pulled to move forward…


The only thing I want to express is, although it is common and usual to never touch, to avoid those things with negative images or even just ignore them (of course I understand everybody has his/her own precious life and responsible lives), it is necessary to try to understand, at least with positive attitudes.


By the way (1),

Mr. Hirose also said, “everyone has different backgrounds, experiences and feelings.” Even they are trying to share their experiences, there is no any standard answers for those in difficulties.

The one in difficulty can take their experiences as reference, but he/she still needs to find out his/her own value, his/her own way of living and his/her own road of life by himself/herself.


By the way (2),

Actually, I knew this event 2 days before the event while surfing on facebook.

I noticed that the scheduled events of friends on facebook will also be shown in your own calendar.

While I read the topic of this event, it was looked so attractive and interesting. “Even with fierce struggling past, what’s the common reasons of living happily out of common scope? ~Work positively with your own past~”

As a marketing profession, I felt the impact from this title.

Definitely people will be hooked by this title.

And soon I am hooked…

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