People, relationship and future(2)

By | 2014/05/12

Start from my own actions to meet new people, to learn from people to build relationship with people on the basis of my own criteria.

It’s so interesting.

I feel this is exact the way how I should handle with my human relationship.

I don’t have to suppress or hind any part of my personality in my work. I can choose who I should work together or never get contact again. (even there is possibility that it may change in the future) Even human relationship can be decided by my own judgment.

I don’t need to force myself to keep relationship to everyone.


With this living style, I feel so relaxed in my life.
I feel I am me now, not someone else anymore.

Of course, the criteria for choosing people would be significantly important. If the criteria are not really GOOD, people will leave you or only people who are very unbalanced come to you.

Good partners come with your own GOOD criteria of choosing people.

These criteria are the power of a person and also the key of the way to the success in entrepreneurship.

Maybe I can even say that this is the basic ability of being an entrepreneur.

Then the story jumps to my experience of meeting an important person.

It was around 2010 to 2011.


I was still just in the second year of my first job. I attended a local entrepreneurship seminar and know a guy through the connection of another local seminar.

He, Mr. K, experienced several jobs and decided to start his own business in a field outside of his familiar industry and his experience.

People may think he stupid to do so and some people may even feel he ran without any plans.

He acted.

His company was established at the beginning in 2013.


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