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By | 2014/05/11

It’s another heavy topic as you can feel.

However, it’s also an exciting, expecting, interesting topic potentially.

Everybody meets many people in their lives, and both the most happy parts and the most terrible parts are the human relationship.

As a member in human social networks, management of relationship may be the most important and most difficult task among everything. It influences our lives, including jobs, teamworks, friendship, and our emotions and hearts as well.

When I was an employee in a big company, the relationship to colleagues is one of the most important parts in my life.


The relationship with my boss, the senior colleagues, the younger colleagues, everyone who is related to my work looked extremely important at that time.

Because I need to go to the office every day and I have to work together with them every day.

In another word, it’s like to maintain relationship without many choices, which we may usually call it sociality. It is necessary to convince people, if you want to move things forward.

Therefore, in another meaning, it means that you cannot live 100% as who you are.
(live 100% as who you are sometimes means selfish and not respectful)


As a result, working in a big company not only requires professional abilities but also internal politics.

Nevertheless, I don’t like internal politics.

While I have been an entrepreneur for 3 months so far, I believe this more than ever.

Start from my own actions to meet new people, to learn from people to build relationship with people on the basis of my own criteria.


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