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By | 2014/05/15

Without long thinking, I moved in 3 weeks.

I felt like I am going to start to make Mac computer in garage like Steve Jobs, haha.

Every time I had an idea. I sent message through Line immediately to my partner, Mr. K. Then some ideas were further developed, but some ideas were not under the verification from collecting and analyzing data.

We discussed how to develop current website business and made conclusions in some parts and moved to execution right away.

Some ideas brought good results but some didn’t.

In our lives, we usually cooked by ourselves because we want to poor our money into business.


Accurately speaking, Mr. K cooked and I washed dishes. I cannot cook.

Fortunately, Mr. K is good at cooking and I am not critical to food, which made us always be able to enjoy our food at home.

We ate together and watched TV. We discuss the social phenomena and the lives of TV stars. It have always been exciting time and fulfilled time, both in stomach and brain.

The impressive thing is that Mr. K often cooks curry, lots of curry, that last for a week. Or I should say 24 meals exactly.

We ate curry every day (every meal?) and thought all the time to develop our business.

The strength of Mr. K is not technology of website or internet but his well balanced point of view.

The strength of Mr. K is not to build accurate business plan or strategies, but his power to keep moving forward in difficulties.

And also, his strength is to control his emotion and not making people annoyed.


We had a dream.

Even though I am going to fight against business text books in Finland and Mr. K will keep eating curry in Japan.

“Let’s have some good wine in 10 years!”

“Let’s make our story a movie!!”

Then, it’s time to work!

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