Ice skating, gym and work

By | 2014/05/16

I thought I should write more about my daily life on this blog to let people feel the reality of my life.

It was a quite fulled day.

I waked up and did some works.

Then I went to ice skating for 1.5 hours, which was a lesson.

The practice was mainly keeping balance and cross.

Although it was not really easy to keep balance, it was quite fun and I almost made it!



After that, I went to the gym inside the same building of ice skating.

With only 200 yen, you can use all the machines, including weight training and running machines, for all day as you want.

That was so cheap!!

I don’t even understand why Konami sport club can operate their gym business.

(It must be the great position and the latest machines.)

Anyway, I worked out 2 hours on every weight training machines for 2 times and running for 30 minutes.

I am so tired now…., but I feel very good!!!

Now I finished my lunch and started to work again.

By the way, I got tennis tomorrow and rock climbing the day after tomorrow and badminton 2 days after tomorrow.

Wow! That was a continuous 4 days of sport!

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