Information delivery and the price

By | 2014/04/14

I guess this is more common in Japan than other countries: it’s often to hear “we should deliver the information since this is such a good event!” or “due to this great believe, I want to deliver this message to others.”

Message delivery sounds easy but very difficult actually, in my opinion.

And costs a lot as well.

In my knowledge, message delivery means to let people know something from you.

However, “message delivery” is truly a very convenient word to use even the contents are just very similar to advertisement.

Many methods are available for delivering messages.


Giving tissue packs on street, showing board at road cross, putting advertisement paper in the postboxes, paying for advertisement on search engine, writing blog, requesting advertisement on Facebook or advertisement on newspaper, magazine, TV.

Everything costs time, money or both.

The targets and efficiency differs a lot, too.


Well, additional issues about advertisement should be left for experts.

An the point is, instead of easily saying “we should deliver messages”, more serious consideration of the costs, targets, effectiveness and efficiency should be done.

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