Your life is made from your choices(1)

By | 2014/05/23

Life comes from the results of one’s choices in his/her life.

Although this is not easy to be aware in our daily lives, this is a fact without doubts.

Of course, some people may have no choices in their lives, such as people in wars or in some kind of societies that freedom is not allowed.

However, except that kind of situation, people in Japan or Taiwan basically have abundant freedom and are able to make decisions for their lives.

The daily choices or decisions mentioned here is not like the question of what to eat today, but those questions of what kind of life you want.


Time can be used dramatically differently due to different decisions or choices.

To watch TV

To sleep

To read books

To study English

To go shopping

To eat delicious cakes

Yes! It’s all about how to use your time. Your life is decided by how you use your time.


If you didn’t read a lot, you may not be able to form a strong philosophy of value and may still feel confused about your future.

If you didn’t try many different things, you may still not understand what job is the best for you.
If I didn’t try to study Japanese without special reasons while entering college, I won’t be in Japan now and writing some Japanese blogs here (well, this passage is in English…).

These are all the results of choices.

And now, the results built my life today.


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