Your life is made from your choices(2)

By | 2014/05/24

There is another concept, called “opportunity cost in a life”.

It means that if you use your time or money (resource) for one purpose now, you cannot use them for others.

Taking a simple example, if you buy a cup of coffee with 100 yen, you cannot use that 100 yen to buy chocolate. So, the cost of choosing coffee is no chocolate.

Then thinking about time, 2 hours of time can be used for doing sports, attending study group, watching TV, eating cakes, etc.

Generally thinking under the theory of economics, it’s reasonable to choose the most valuable option. However, usually people tend to choose the easiest one.

Not value, but ease.


Choosing ease (for example, eating cakes) once a month is not a big deal, but choosing ease every week may result in a big difference from those who choose value (for example, going to study groups) every week.

Definitely, choices are made based on the different philosophy of value of every individual and choosing ease frequently may be common and not problematic for some people.

This is totally fine! Just with the condition of a clear philosophy of value of himself/herself since all choices becomes the results that parts of his/her life.

With a clear philosophy of value for making choices, people should not be envious for anyone else, especially to those who worked hard to raise their own ability.


Everyone should be honestly responsible for his/her life.

Do your own choice on the bases of your own philosophy and take the life you want!

And the last, the one thing that you should never forget is that the tiny choices you made today will be your life both in past and future.

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