Life is a continuous process

By | 2014/06/04

We always face many important choices or times in our lives.

Entrance exams for good junior high, senior high or university
Exams for scholarship for studying abroad
Job interviews
Chances of promotion
Telling a girl you love her and waiting for the answer
Exams for certificate
And so on

Most people may think if they fail any one of these situations, their lives will be drastically changed and even fall into the hell.

Is this true?


A failure at a point of one’s life will make his/her life run into hell?

Maybe, people feel the failure at the point so huge that they cannot even afford it.

That’s because that people feel the difference of winning and losing at the point.

However, a life is not composed of just only one point. A point is nothing but a point.

For example, there is a young man who always studies hard, and he is also passionate to learn from people and things around him.

Nevertheless, he failed in one important exam in his life.

Yes, this point is a failure without doubts for him.

But this point of failure can never erase what he had done hardly so far.

What he accumulated is always belong to him and become his strength.

A point of failure in a life definitely produces some impacts to the person and changes his/her life. But by looking with the span of a whole life, does this point of failure really mean a lot for him/her? Or may even be looked as a positive impact at the end?

We may also consider an instance from the other side.


There is a man who never does his best for what he wants, but he happened to win an important exam in his life luckily.

Yes again, if we only look at this point of both, the later one is a winner and the working-hard former looks like a loser.

Then please image the possible future of them in 10 years.

Who will have a happier life? Or we should say having higher possibility of obatining the life he wanted?

The one who failed in one point but lives seriously all the time, or the one won a point but never tried his best?

Hey, young person, are you focusing too much on only one or few points in your life and forget to keep living seriously for the life you want?

Hey, young person, are you looking too much at one impressive failure in your life all the time and wasting your current precious days?

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