Misunderstanding and tragedy

By | 2014/06/03

There is a specific part in Japanese culture, which is to guess what others are thinking.

They call it “reading other’s mind”.

However, no one can read other’s mind directly, so people can only read from many signs.

For example, they notice the signs from the eyes, the face, the words said or some movement of the body, and they transform these signs into delicate messages and then assemble them as a major message as it’s from the person.

Certainly, it’s very complicated process and no one can do it well during a short time.

Most of the process relies on experience.


As a result, the more experience accumulated, the higher accuracy it will be.

Then, after guessing more and more accurately, you’ll be confident and finally make some serious mistakes due to overconfidence.

“On the basis of my experience, this sign mean this with accuracy up to 90%.”

Of course, a judgment is not derived from only one sign. That’s too risky. A conclusion is made from multiple signs.

Since there are repeated signs, the conclusion of the message is considered to be almost correct and nothing wrong.

This is where the misunderstanding from.


One confirmation of a sign may potentially reduce the possibility of misunderstanding to 10%, let’s say, and by confirming multiple signs, the possibility is reduced much lower to few %.

This is what we think under our experience.

However, if the truth is inside the several % of misunderstanding, a tragedy happens.

Which can also be called a failure from GREAT experience.

Nevertheless, as long as we don’t deny our own experience, it’s difficult to avoid.

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