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By | 2015/08/15

This time, I wrote something different from those topics I had done so far.

I made an app as a practice for my job for knowing the brief process from starting to launching.

Although it’s just a practice, I still considered several topics for this app seriously.

Such as an app full of cute cats, etc.

At the end, I decided to choose the topic that can deliver value the most easily.

“An app full of cute girls.”


Please don’t misunderstand! It’s never an app with adult contents!

It’s simply an app that can provide many photos of cute girls for those tired young men to have some peaceful and nice time on their way home after fighting the whole day for their jobs.

Besides, the way to switch photos is to shake the phone, which I think it could be a good way to release stress.

Girl 15

Please try to download it↓


By the way, all photos used in this app came from websites that provide free photos allowed for commercial usage.

I paste the links as reference.



Photo AC


And! If the total download number goes over 50,000, I’ll make an update with more photos!! I promise!

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