Time is extremely limited!

By | 2014/10/08

It has been 1 month after last post!!

I want to use my blog as a place for me to make my daily thoughts in order (make my life in order as well) and to make records for my life. However, I just cannot find time to write it in this past month.


Entering the second week of lectures, I got to read 5 academic papers every week. There are 15 pages in each one in average and I needed to write at least 4 pages learning diary every week as well.

Reading one paper took me at least 2 hours (because they are all review papers) and writing 4 pages learning diary took at least 4 hours. Simply adding them together would be 14 hours work outside lectures.


Besides, I had the other 2 “lighter” subjects as well, but I still have some homework to do for these “lighter” subjects.

I also want to prioritize social activities, so if I want to keep writing blog, I would have no choices but to reduce my sleeping time. Hence, I stopped my blog for the time being.

I guess I need to reduce the amount and frequency of posts on this blog if I want to continue.

I hope I can still contribute to this world by sending out some important messages through this blog.

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