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By | 2014/05/30

Information is like flooding every day in our daily lives.

Words from friends, TV, magazines, newspaper, internet, application programs in smart phones, e-mails, websites, etc all come into our eyes every day every hour or even every minute.

People usually can judge the importance of every piece of information while it run into our eyes and pick up the important ones for further reading.

Then, actually there is lots of helpful information, such as famous words or philosophy essays, read.

And then?

“It’s a great article! It’s good to know!”

And then?

Or saying, “well, there are many this kind of articles in the internet! They are all helpful!”

And then?


Did you try to memorize some important points in these articles?

Did you try to do something new on the basis of what you learned from these articles?

The value of these articles never comes from the words inside, but it comes from the new actions from you.

Today, I read an article from the timeline of my facebook page, which is about a story of a person called Sam Berns.

If there is just a name, I believe nobody will try to read it.

He got a rare disease that his body ages 8 times faster than usual people and he passed away with the age of 17.

He talked about what is happiness.

Nothing is about money or status.

Just 3 points.

(1) Be completely and concentrated into something.
(2) Be surrounded by people who you want to stay with.
(3) Keep moving forward


Just these 3, nothing more.

How do you feel about these?

And how will you act?

Still live for money, status, fame?

Or choose what you believe is happy?

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