Reading is important in quantity or quality? What is a book for?(1)

By | 2014/05/27

This may be some reports on TV we often see in our daily lives.

“Some famous people mentioned that they loving reading and they usually read around 20 books a week and they have many books that filled a whole wall of bookshelf in their house”.

Have you heard of this?

What do you feel about this?

You may feel that “How knowledgeable he is! He knows everything!” and “I also want to be like him/her!”.

I want you to think about several questions here.


Is it always good to read as many books as possible? Just the quantity?
All books in the market can provide precious knowledge? How about the knowledge that is not sold in the market?
How did you evaluate the books you had read?

There may be many people think that it is definitely good to read as many books as he/she can.

But actually this thought comes from the concept that “all books equal to valuable knowledge”, which can be just a misunderstanding.

Please think.

Let’s suppose you read a book today, and then?

What did you feel about what you read? What are the points in the book? Did you get them?

If you answered undoubtedly with the answer of “Of course I knew. I also got the points clearly!”

Then what?


What will you do today or tomorrow differently on the basis of what you read from the books?

Or you just do everything as usual tomorrow? Nothing changed?
Or you will change something and try to be aware of the points from the book in the coming every day?

Some people may try to avoid discussing these points by saying “things and points read are going into the deep part of mind and they just changed ourselves potentially and gradually.” Well, this can be true…or excuses for avoiding changes…

Let’s just take another simple example.

“I really read a great book today. It was very impressive and very helpful” as you may say.

Then, can you give a short summary for this book a week later for what you learned?

Can you do it again in a month? 6 months? 1 year? Or even longer?

If you do not remember anything in a year, you just learned nothing from the book.

Nothing changed.

Well, this is just what I thought about reading, but this is also the point about reading for me!

How many books one had read is nothing important at all!

The really important thing is what you learned from the book, what had changed and how long they lasted.


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