Reading is important in quantity or quality? What is a book for?(2)

By | 2014/05/28

Next, the thing about buying lots of books and leaving them on the BIG bookshelf at home.

Is this really necessary?

Certainly, if the people are rich, it’s no problem to but a big bookshelf and put lots of books on it at their homes even the cost of space is extremely high in big cities.

The problem is that the media make this look extremely GREAT.

The true point for people to know is that all books are available in libraries for free.

If someone really likes reading, he/she can just stay in a library every day.

A big bookshelf is nothing.


Some other people may propose the opinions of “If books are available at home, they can read them anytime they want!” or “With great books at home, people can have much more easy access to books.”

However, is it really important to demonstrate a whole wall of books to people? Having lots of books at home doesn’t mean “the lack of managing ability of choosing books” in another way?

Besides, there is another point in this issue, which is that most books in the market are written by famous people.

The wealthy in the country.

The highly motivated entrepreneurs in the society.

The charismatic business operators who raised big companies in short years.

It’s important to absorb others’ experience of lives to grow yourself. I cannot agree with it anymore.


Nevertheless, you must be noticed that what all you should do is not just imitate the stories of the successors.

Why? Their environments, backgrounds are different from you. Their personilities are different from you.

Every single individual has his/her own most fitted work and life style. I wonder that it’s really a good way to imitate others’ stories to live happily.

The only one thing that people should take as reference from books is the method/process of how to find the best work and life style for him/herself. People should pay more attention and move forward for his/her own happy lives.


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