Rich? How?

By | 2014/06/01

Do you want to be rich?

Most people want to be rich.

Most people want to know how to be rich.

But, do you know the definition of richness?

Or I should ask how much money can make you feel rich?

“The more the better”, some people may say.

Then how much is it? A million? A billion US dollars? Or more?

I’ve heard an interesting definition about richness.


“I can enter a restaurant and order a dish of soup I like without considering the price.”

If you also define your richness like this, you can be rich with less than 10,000 US dollars. Or even 1,000 US dollars.

Another question: why do you want to be rich?

Because you had terrible poor experience? Because people around you have luxurious days? Because you want more freedom from a life of earning money all the time? Or your definition of success in life is being rich?

If you cannot define richness for your own self, I believe you won’t be happy in your life.

Because you will be drowned deeply in your greediness.

I believe you know that your own definition of richness is highly relevant to your own philosophy of value.

What is valuable for you?


What is the value for your life?

What is happiness for you?

What is freedom for you?

All these questions are deeply connected.

And all answers to these questions and your actions decide your life.

A life to happiness or to a tragedy.

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