Second anniversary

By | 2016/02/27

Today I got out of bed at 5:30 to take a day business trip to Helsinki (3.5 hours one way).

I felt like I caught a cold, but I hope I’m gonna be fine.

Also hope my business meeting is gonna be fine.

Time really flies. It’s been 2 full years after I started this blog.

You may think like this:

“You write your blog every month. Certainly you remember the anniversary of your blog.”

Actually, I didn’t remember that, and I was reminded by the bill of domain name and rental server. haha….

OK, time for the topic.


I searched and looked back to the article I wrote for first anniversary. (Here)

hmmm…..really interesting….

It was such a short time, just 2 years, but so many surprises.

The first surprise is that I can continue this blog for 2 years!

I never expected that! It has been so busy after I came to Finland for my master’s study in business. I’m busy again (of course) after started my business.

Although I considered to stop this blog for a moment, I didn’t stop it at the end by reducing the updating frequency.

At the timing of first anniversary of this blog, it was the time when I just started to construct my business idea.

Then I moved forward.

My company was registered in June and I attended game conferences almost every month.

In the past 8 months, I’ve talked to more than 60 game developers.

I don’t mean to show off anything, but this surprised me as well.

My resident permit was switched from student to working. I’m prepared to stay in Finland for longer time.

In other aspects, I went to Japan last summer to expand my business network there in game industry. In last autumn, I got 30 credits while developing business (that was a bit tough time to study while working).

I spent 2 full weeks to write my master’s thesis and I got most of parts done even though it’s not finished yet.

I still have to spend some time for my thesis and I’m studying Finnish course. But I got more time for my business now.

The most important issue in my business is revenue.


I’ll allocate resource to continue current core business while looking for new business ideas and verifying the feasibility of these ideas.

I understand the way to reach profitable line is still far away, but I’ll continue.

What and how the next year will be?

I don’t know. I can’t even imagine…..just like what happened in my last year.

The goal is simple to grow incredibly.


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