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By | 2015/06/13

Since international students around me are mostly 10-12 years younger than me, I was thinking what I can do for their further growth.

I think what I can do for them are simply buy some alcohols for them or provide them some different angles or ideas to think of their future lives as reference.

In my thoughts, all reference I give is only for one single goal:

How to have a happy life?

I provide some different angles for them to think for this question.


The first is “Life is a process of accumulation.”

People tend to see people with their “shining” achievement which usually only exist in short moments, such as academic degrees, position titles in companies, rewards or certifications, etc.

People always work hard for these titles.

Do you think people are great with many titles and people are nothing without any titles?

Is it true?

Let’s think a case that 2 students studied as hard as each other. At the end, one get into Harvard University and the other failed.

Are they different?

Yes, certainly! It’s true that it’s different at that moment that one succeeded and the other failed.

But how would it be different in 10 years?

If these 2 students keep the same amount of hard working for 10 years, I guess the end could be quite similar.

Life is a process of accumulation.

You become what you’ve accumulated.


The time you spent for hard working will not disappear, even though you didn’t get the achievement or title.

You learned to work hard and you have the experience.

This is the true property you got in the process, but not the title.

Language, as another example, is exact the same.

What you accumulated in learning and practicing language is not grades of TOEIC or TOEFL.

What you accumulated is your ability in communication in English.

Because of the grades, you may feel huge difference at the moment, but at the same time you also need to understand that a moment is just one single point in your life.

Let me give you another example.

A student paid efforts in high school goes to a generally-speaking good university. A student paid efforts in the university gets a job as he/she wanted. (Please notice that efforts are NOT equal to getting high grades!)

If a student paid efforts even in a generally-speaking bad university, he/she can get a job as he/she expected. If a student doesn’t pay efforts even in a good university, he/she still can’t get a job as he/she expected.

The point is, it’s not about the titles in the past or the moment of achievement in the future.

It’s all about how much effort you have paid or accumulated in your life.

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