Some thoughts for (probably young) people

By | 2015/06/13

Here is the second thought.

“Always think an issue with several angles.”

People tend to believe convincing words.

Of course! Why not?

However, it’s not easy to find a person who can always think a convincing issue with several angles.

For example, if one of your friends told you “The society is a pyramid. Most people are just utilized to make money for those who are at the top.”


Hmmm….it sounds reasonable and convincing, doesn’t it? It’s also easy to find some data to support his argument.

But is it really true?

Are there any other angles to think of this issue?

For example, are most people in the pyramid society just utilized without any other reasons?

Aren’t there any possibilities that most people in this pyramid society are actually enjoying the benefit of being stable by avoiding standing at the top?

Have you thought of this angle to this issue?

Another example is like the issue “Globalization makes even a grocery in countryside be impacted by global economy.”

Is it true?


Aren’t there any conditions for this argument?

Isn’t it dependent on the industry and the impacts could be different levels?

So, all of these point to a fact that if you can always think of issues or phenomenon with various angles, I believe you can be thinking independently, and build up your own thoughts for your own life objectively then.

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