Startup Weekend Tokyo 18-20 July 2014 (2)

By | 2014/07/26

In the next day, we went into the flow of “idea brainstorm → discussion → vote to choose ideas → building prototype product → denied by our mentor → brainstorm again → discussion again → vote to choose ideas again → building prototype product again” in 13 hours.

2 lethal issues about this team occurred in my mind.

“No one is managing the whole team”
“Silence of deny”

There is no one who can integrate the contents of discussion, confirm the recognition of members, confirm the purpose of each process and check the risks.


In details, I expected that our discussion will be description of ideas from members one by one and every idea can receive feedbacks from other members so that all members can understand why some of the ideas are accepted and some are discarded, but most of these processes are skipped.

Why? Too many ideas? Too little time? Should we limit the numbers of ideas from everyone? Maybe we need to spend more time thinking of what each idea means and connected to our original vision.

As a result, those members who speak a lot held the leadership and moving forward without waiting for others.

Of course, time is limited, as limited as 2 days. It will take lots of time to confirm what members feel and how much they understand so it’s not difficult to understand that members don’t want to “waste” time for confirmation. Then, without caring about every single one, team broke down easily and was no more a team.

I lost the connection to this team in just one day.

Not happy at all.


Of course, I may have a choice to take leadership to avoid these problems, but I am not familiar with information technology at all. I understood that I cannot manage our discussion.

In the afternoon, the organizer showed us the video of some previous winner team produced.

I only got 2 points from it. One is the importance of obtaining sympathy and the other is the importance to produce a “super fine and beautiful” video.

I doubted. Are these the most significant points in building a successful startup?
I never expected to spend 2 whole days in this event to be an expert of video creator!!

People changed. People are not thinking about how to create a business that makes the world better, but produce an attractive video and slides to win the prize.

Does this really mean something for entrepreneurs?

Without thinking about starting a new business, value creating and initial growth, a process of producing an attractive idea cannot help us learn real and valuable experiences.


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