Startup Weekend Tokyo 18-20 July 2014 (3)

By | 2014/07/27

Without thinking about starting a new business, value creating and initial growth, a process of producing an attractive idea cannot help us learn real and valuable experiences.

Then, what is left to learn is only team building and team management.
I wrote what I learned and felt as following:

  • Discuss among 6 other members and see how the process of opinion sharing changes is the most valuable experience in these 2 days.
  • Some members can’t accept their ideas being denied. They were even not objective.
  • Not caring about every single member and moving forward only by several members is dangerous for a team.
    • Those who cannot recognize their own value will leave. It’s always easy to choose leaving.
    • When people cannot realize what they are doing is valuable, they will bunk it.


  • It’s good to discuss different ideas and viewpoints, but the discussion always needs to be summarized, organized and reconfirmed. Without doing this…..
    • Some discussions went into very detailed parts and members easily lost the whole perspective.
    • Under the pressure of time, people tended to vote to end the discussion.
    • As a result, some ideas and conclusions are chosen without understanding from all members.
  • Two advices from our mentor about choosing ideas:
    • Will it change the world?
    • Will it bring the most significant changes?

Then, I decided.

“That’s it”


As long as being under the unpaid condition, there is no value to spend another 12 hours to produce a “super fine beautiful” video.

Even if I would attend on Sunday, I wouldn’t learn from it. Even if we won, I wouldn’t feel I had contributed. In the case of losing, I would just think it as exactly what I expected.

So I decided to quit.

Although the reality was far from my expectation, I did learn a lot.

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