Japan memory: (1) Start of everything

By | 2014/08/10

I came to a Starbucks shop located at Ootemachi where is at the center of Tokyo to write this long story. It has been a long time since my last time to come here in the early morning, 7 AM.

When I suddenly realized that the time left in Japan has been less than 2 months now. (actually, the whole series was finished on 8th August after translation to English and Chinese)

I felt that everything is moving faster and faster right after my long European journey was decided.( Dream of studying in Europe survived)

Then, leaving a country and a city I had lived for 8 years really makes me feel sad.


Recently while I went back to Taiwan, I felt I was a tourist there. When I came back to Japan and on the train running out of Narita Airport, I did feel comfortable of the environment and familiar with everything here.

“Oh, I am back! This is my life just like seeing my best friend.”

A feeling of going back home.

Therefore, I want to keep all my memory in this blog before I leave this cherish second hometown. In another meaning, to provide some useful information for others who is interested in Japan or Tokyo.

Today is the first chapter.

The reason I could come to Japan is scholarship. I had mentioned this in previous articles. (Study abroad, step by step to the dream(1), Study abroad, step by step to the dream(2))

My old memory is coming back now……

After the result of scholarship exam came out in the summer 2005, I started to investigate the information of labs in Japan with great happiness.

Right after deciding which field to study (it was micro-technology, MEMS), I found several high relevant labs through internet.

And, sent a mail to a professor of a university located in Tokyo with all my personal information including self-introduction, academic background, scholarship obtained, university grades and degrees to ask for permission for entering his lab as an unofficial student.


Waiting with a nervous heart and I was lucky to get reply from him with an OK. Good start in the fall 2005.

I came to Japan on 15th March 2006 with a friend who also obtained the same scholarship.

The memory is still fresh.

The weather was cloudy with some temporary showers and the temperature was 15 degrees Celsius, which is exactly the winter for a Taiwanese. (However, it’s already spring in Japan) I carried 2 big suitcases and 2 bags weighting for 35 kg in total to walk on the street.

We stayed in a very cheap hotel (20 USD/night) operated by a Taiwanese owner located close to Kuramae station of subway Oedo line near the center of Tokyo as our first night in Japan.

The next day, with unfamiliar suits on our bodies, we went to our labs to meet and greet our professors.

Then, a coming task is to find an apartment.


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