Study abroad, step by step to the dream(2)

By | 2014/03/10

It is very risky since there are only 2 seats from Panasonic Scholarship.

Strategy (1) Panasonic Scholarship is limited to scientific field students, which excludes those students majored in Japanese from prestigious universities.

Strategy (2) Since there are only 2 seats per year, most people won’t prepare the exams very seriously, which gives me chance to win the competition.

Strategy (3) Due to the few seats, exam-specific cram schools don’t provide lessons for this exam, which also exclude those students who own financial resource (can pay for the expansive tuition fee).

Strategy (4) I will spend 1 year, full-time, to prepare this exam.

4 subjects in exams, including Chinese, English, Japanese and Calculus. Also interview.

No more information.

CHINESE. My weak point and I don’t feel the importance to learn Chinese any more. I decided to leave it there.


CALCULUS. With scientific degrees, it does not frighten me. I found 2 books in library and spent 1 year to do 300 questions repeatedly for 3 times. I believe this will make me sweep to victory. Actually, the result was just like that.

ENGLISH. Nothing special. Practice listening, speaking, reading and writing 10 hours per week, which was just like what I did in the past and what I am still doing now.

JAPANESE. The most difficult and most important part. Fluent Japanese will be required not only in the paper exams, but also interview to win one of the seats. 60% time of the whole year was used in Japanese. 3 vocabulary books, Japanese novels or magazines in library, Japanese internet radio were my best friends. I also knew some real Japanese friends to practice writing and speaking.


It is easy, to write these experience down like this.
It was easy, to make strategies.

The most challenging thing was to fight with yourself.
Fight with the anxiety inside your heart.
Believe everything you do is correct and valuable.
Believe you will win.

Especially every friend you know are moving forward and no one is with you and doing the same thing to you.

The fights continued for a year, on every single day.

Then I came to Japan in spring 2006.

Dream came true.

Happiness from the bottom of heart.

※I appreciated my parents the most. They supported me both in life and mind. Thank you very much! Thank you!

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