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By | 2014/06/16

Finally, I list up all costs of my application process and preparation before going to Finland, including visa and accommodation applications.

The Cost List of Preparation for Going to University of Jyvaslyla Finland

Application fee: free
Sending documents: 1,000 yen (Degree, grade transcript, English certificates)
Interview: free on Skype
Health insurance for visa application: 263.09 euro ¬= 38,146 yen (Student Insurance Program of insurance company MARSH, which is recognized by Finland officially)
Student visa application fee: 300 euros = 43,500 yen (Electronic application: 300 euro, paper application: 330 euro)
Student Union fee: 102.5 euro = 14,863 yen
Deposit of apartment: 250 euro = 36,250 yen
Flight ticket from Tokyo to Finland: 554.25 euro = 80,368 yen


If I include the cost of IELTS, the total cost will be 240,802 yen. (2,400 USD)

That is definitely not a small number…..Studying abroad really costs a lot!

Well, if we think about the cost of studying in a national university in Japan, the tuition fee is at least 800,000 yen a year (8,000 USD), which is much more than studying in Finland!

By the way, the living cost of the city Jyvaskyla I am going is quite low because the city is small (130 thousand people) and located quite countryside.

I plan to enter a private dormitory costs around 200~400 euros per month, including electricity, gas and internet, and I was quite lucky to receiver an offer of a room that only costs 220 euro per month!!


The meals in university only take 2.6 euro per meal and the gym or sport programs are all free! The basic living cost of accommodation and food may not exceed 50,000 yen (500 USD) per month!

If my budget is around 700 USD/month, I may have very good life there.

Then, with only a budget of 10,000 USD, I guess you can have very high-quality study life in Finland!

You should not miss this chance!!

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