The English blog I started is now on a real magazine!

By | 2015/10/03

It’s always a good time to write blog articles in transportation.

It’s around 4 and half hours from the place I live to the conference.

We departed at 6am, by the way. So early…I’m not really an early bird…

The English blog is a story started from last year.

At the beginning of last year, I joined Mr. Kato’s company, and in order to learn the know-how in website operation, we chose English study as the topic and blog as the form of this new website. ( which is in Japanese)


I posted and updated the blog every day for 6 months, and with the support from Kato, the access and page view number grew slowly but well.

After my moving to Finland in July 2014, this blog stopped there.

No matter the most basic thing: updating regularly, or adding valuable contents, almost nothing was done.

Although there were some valuable contents such as the reports of attending various English study groups or courses, I can’t add anymore after left Japan. (Because I got many things with higher priority all the time)


In the first half an year, we had the know-how for click advertisement monetization mode, and that worked quite well.

However, according to the development of advertisement blocker software, the risk for click advertisement is growing, and it’s time to add other monetization models to the site now.

For those who are operating blogs, maybe you can find some hints from the article in Ambitious magazine!

Ambitious(アンビシャス) Vol.7 Amazon Japan

See article in English list here

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