The third university life

By | 2014/10/23

While studying in a master’s program in business and preparing for starting my business at the same time, it was extremely difficult for me to raise priority for writing a blog.

However, I still want to rearrange my thoughts emerging in my daily life and leave them as records on my blog.

So I try to write sown only those I think the most important.

Classes started from the second week in September and finally I got some easier days now at the end of October. (the next wave will come in November and December and the third and fourth waves come from middle of January and middle of March)

Then, what was the most important thing in the past 2 months?

Maybe it’s the realization of my purpose and goal in studies from others.

This is already my third time to enter a university.

The first time I entered a university, which was in Taiwan and the reasons of entering a university are “people said that college students don’t need to study and they can play every day”. I entered a university with this kind of reasons and pasted my college life.


The second time was to be a master’s program student in Japan and the reasons were “for master’s degree” and “want to live overseas”.

And today, the reasons why I am here in Finland are “want to know practical knowledge for establishing my own business” and “want to live overseas again”.

If the purpose is different, the viewpoint and perspective are different.

Grades in exams become not important any more.

The point now is to know how to apply what I learn today.

The point now is to know if I can learn something more meaningfully.

The point now is to know if I can arrange time to prepare my own business.

Study is important. Growth is important. But that doesn’t mean to do everything indicated by lecturers or others.

It’s more about thinking independently what to do and how to grow, and it’s more about taking your actions on the basis of what you think and what you feel.

It’s clear to feel the difference between me and some other students under this viewpoint.

Certainly, everyone in the class has different purpose for sitting there. Some of them may have the same reasons to my reasons of going to my first or second universities. Some of them may have other reasons of being here.

Now with the age of 33, I prefer thinking more meaningfully, more efficiently and more motivatedly how to learn on the basis of thinking what you need in 10 years and how to learn while evaluating what you are learning.

Living inside the overlap of what I want to do and what I need to do could be the true happiness in my life, I would say as what I’m feeling now.

Many people tend to say “I’ll take XX (TOEIC, medical affair specialist, etc) certificate first anyway”. I’ll never recommend it for life or for future.

This is just running away from facing one’s own life. He/she is just running away from the feeling of doing nothing and he/she cheats himself/herself by saying “I’m doing something good for my life. I’m studying for certificates!”, which brings him/her some certain level of safety in their hearts.


He/she should first try to find what he/she wants!!

If not, he/she will not feel true happiness in his/her life. He/she will not realize the meaning of his/her life. He/she may have days pasting boringly, and in most cases, they don’t even realize this crucial situation until decades pasted.

When they realized this crucial truth, they may have been their 40s, 50s or 60s.

Then most of them don’t have many options but decide to let it go and keep going on their lives with regrets.

Find what you want! Do what you want to do! And try your best!

Then study from then. Go to a university from then.

Your life will be different. Your life will change. Your life will be happier.

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