The top 5 regrets of the dying (3)

By | 2015/03/17

(3) I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

No need to say, it’s very difficult.

People try various ways to hind their emotions and feelings.

Saying “you are so stupid to do such a dangerous thing!” is a way to express the hidden love.

It could be an easier way to let the person understand by saying “I feel so sad to see you get hurt”.

Why don’t you think for me? Why don’t you smile to me? Why do you do something like that to hurt me? I want to see your smile. I feel so happy with this moment with you. Now I feel…..


You can express your feelings, emotions and your thoughts.

It would be more difficult to express yourself in an implicit consensus based culture such as Japan, but I still insist that you should express yourself, especially to those who are important to you.

Open your mind. Understand each other with real feelings and know the reasons make you feel so.

Is it the key for you toward a better life?

Yeah, it’s difficult, but do you want to regret in the future?

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