Thieves in Europe!!

By | 2015/09/14

Originally, I planned to post 5 articles in August as usual, but an accident happened and I couldn’t make it.

The accident is, the tablet with all my articles inside was stolen together with my camera and my backpack in my trip to Italy.

As a result, my articles were gone and I couldn’t post anything.

They are 5 articles in THREE languages, which means 15 articles actually……sigh……


Therefore, I would like to write the details here to make people be aware of these thieves.

It was the last day in my 2-week trip and I left my 2 friends who we were together in all the trip except the last day due to the flight schedule.

I found the train for Rome airport at the Rome central train station and found a seat on the train.

I sit on a window seat and left my backpack on the seat next to me and my luggage next to me legs.

I know there are lots of thieves here, especially at this central station, so I was more cautious than usual at that time.

I took out my phone and check my phone for 2 minutes.

Then a man came to knock my window from the platform outside the train. I looked at him in order to understand what he wants for 5 seconds. Due to my cautious attitude, I need to look at him to make sure he will not hurt me, but I didn’t know that these 5 seconds is a good time for another guy to take away my backpack.

Then the train departed and I noticed that my backpack is gone.

I was panic and walked around to try to find my backpack out on the train, but after 5 minutes I realized that they must have got off the train before it departed from the central station.

Everything is just too late.


I need to say that this is really a smart way to steal, because the more cautious you are, the easier your attention will be attracted.

The only happy thing was that my passport, cash, credit card, ID, cash card were all in my pocket together with me, but not in the backpack.

I lost a very good camera and my hard work on these 15 articles…

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