Time and human relationship

By | 2015/02/11

How do you think it is to build human relationship?

Meeting for the first time, talking to each other, exchanging phone numbers and meeting each other again are supposed to be the common and general steps to build human relationship.

Of course, some people may say that they “feel” good with some people and “feel” bad with some other people, or they “feel” happy to stay with some and “feel” boring with some others, which are often used as the reasons to continue friendship or fade out from a relationship.

However, no matter what reasons you use for your human relationship, don’t you think that every reason goes to a one single element which is the time?


Taking time to talk to each other at the first meeting, taking time to think about the messages to invite the person, taking time to go there and have dinner together, taking time to help him or her are some examples. Everyone takes time.

In one word, “Shared time together” is the most basic element for building human relationship.

Have you ever experienced this?

An invitation came from a friend and you can’t decide you will go or not right away and then you forget it after you left it undecided for a couple of days.

Ya, this means you don’t really want to spend your time for the friend. Forgetting or needing time to decide are just excuses.

Try to image another situation that you invited a friend to your dinner party and he/she said that he/she had had appointment at that night and cannot come.


Ya, this means he or she doesn’t want to spend his/her time for you. If your friend really wants to spend time with you, he/she would definitely propose another time or ask you out or something with other reasons.

So you can understand that building human relationship is to spend time for each other and is to spend time together.

If the person (your friend or a person you want to develop relationship) is always saying that he/she is busy working, studying or others and is not willing to spend time with you, there is no chance and no meaning for this relationship.

No any meanings.

So are you thinking now who you should spend time with?

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