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By | 2015/01/15

Finally, my 28-day trip is going into the last part: 4 days to northern Finland.

I got to keep moving with quite tight schedule in my trip. Therefore, it’s not easy to make enough time to write something.

Now is my best chance for writing since I’m on a long distance train moving from Helsinki, the south end of Finland, to Rovaniemi, the northern city of Finland, which takes more than 12 hours.

Time is 22:40 and the temperature outside is -6 degree Celsius.

I haven’t been to such a long trip since my 5-week trip 9 years ago within the period of my working holiday in New Zealand.

This time, I started my long journey from Helsinki of Finland to Cologne in Germany for 3 days, Strasbourg in France for 2 day, Paris for 3 days, Mont Saint Micelle for 2 days, Barcelona for 3 days, Madrid for 2 days, Lisbon for 3 days, London for 6 days and northern Finland for 4 days.

It’s the most interesting thing to travel with different people in different countries.

The first week in Germany and France was to travel with Japanese friends knew in Finland.


6 of them all aged 10 to 13 years younger than me. They are all college students or graduate school students, who are the real young people to me.

Although everyone of them has very different personality, they are all full of powerful energy. I can clearly see their bright future from their active days.

Certainly worries and problems accompanied with youth come with them, but I take them as envying issues to me because I’m no longer as young as them.

Some of them are leaving back to Japan after 6 months of stay in Finland. Others stay for another 6 months.

Even though you may feel it too late, I just noticed that I should pay more attentions to others and consider them more importantly since they are those who shared the same abroad study experiences with me.





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