End time of every day work?

By | 2014/03/28

An interesting question was asked by one of my ex-colleagues.

“How do you judge when to finish your work and leave the office every day? What’re your standards?”

It’s not an easy question being suddenly asked.

I am not satisfied with my answer at that time.

Therefore, I want to think it over again and write it down here.

Theoretically, all tasks in your work can be prioritized according to the level of contribution and efficiency.

Then, ideally, you should start to do the tasks from the morning in the order of priority.


If there are still some tasks left at 5 pm, they should be those not really important or not urgent ones and can be postponed to the next day.

Furthermore, there is one another thing needs to be considered from my point of view, which is how effective the task makes you grow.

Hence, even the contribution and efficiency of the tasks are low, I’ll still do them after 5 pm if they do develop my ability


I believe growing myself is as important as good contribution to company or higher salary.

Especially some traditional Japanese companies don’t really care about the growth of young employees and force the young to stand for repeating works, which is not helpful to develop the abilities, by saying, “I did those repeating works in the past when I was young, and you should just also do it like me.”

I’ll leave this kind of company in 1 or 2 years at most.

Because the reason I come to this foreign country is for challenges, not for repeated works.

On the other hand, there are some jobs do need to do repeated works for many years to obtain very delicate techniques and experiences such as some traditional industries like craft or Japanese cooking.

So, all of these are up to your philosophy of value.

If you think it important to do repeated works, then it is worth spending time. If you don’t, then just change.

I believe I’m not the one for repeated works. Haha

Chinese new year's eve

As a result, there aren’t clear standards to judge when to finish your work every day.

It depends on your personal philosophy of value, which decides how you invest your time.

Over all, the point is to understand your own personality, take care of your own life, decide your goals and know the best work style for yourself.

Then you’ll be able to understand the best time for you to finish your work on every single day without doubts!

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