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By | 2016/02/25

On 7th December in Finland, sunrise is 9:30 and sunset is 15:00. It’s quite bad to have short sunlight, but it’s no too bad to enjoy some Japanese sake and write a blog to end such a day. (Thank you Mr. Kato who brought me sake from Japan)

All right, time for the topic.

I guess many young people are troubled by the choices of going to find a job or going for further study after bachelor’s program.

Here I share some personal experience.

I graduated from bachelor’s degree of double majors in Mechanical Engineering and Biology. Then I went for a master’s program in engineering directly.

After that master’s program, I worked as a marketing staff and a product manager for a couple of years and went to a master’s program in business again.

It’s commonly said that it’s easier to go through master’s study by continuing study directly from undergraduate study because you won’t forget a lot due to a couple of years gap in a job.

On the other hand, people also said that working experience helps understand what to learn in further study.

I heard these when I was a college student.

Then, how did I felt, when I experienced both?


In conclusion, I do feel it’s much better to get working experience before further study.

The reason is the understanding of “reality out of the school”.

It makes it so different to study for 2 years with and without knowing the reality out of schools.

When I went to my first master’s program without working experience, what all I know is to follow indication from my supervisors and aim for graduation.

I don’t know what is important. I don’t know what will be helpful for my future career. After all, my supervisors were all scholars but not researchers in the industry.

So, I didn’t have the chance to 100% effectively utilize my 2 years in the program. I couldn’t grow myself more than the advises given by my supervisors.


Then, I’m taking my second master’s program with working experience.

This time, I know what the professors can do and the limitations they have.

I know how good my classmates are.

I know what I can do and what I can’t do.

I know what I know and what I don’t know.

I know I should not take efforts for every class equally. I should prioritize the classes and learn those what I should know.

So that I can maximize the effectiveness of my time in this program.

The difference is so huge.

It’s just my personal experience. Hope it helps.

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