Using people, being used (1)

By | 2014/04/04

It has been 2 months from my start of being an entrepreneur.

I realized something more.

Although I wrote similar issues in the previous passage “real friends“, I got some new enlightenment on this.

Actually, “Friend” is a very convenient word.

Do you have the experience of being introduced like, “hey, he is my friend!”, even through you only met him once so far?

(Of course I believe some people can become really good friends even only meeting once)

While starting my own business, I had to ask many “friends” for helps.

An an entrepreneur, there is no much money for advertisement, nor money to have high-cost services.

As a result, I have to ask for helps to move my business forward.

Those helps can be to simply share the information of my business to others or asks for some cheap services.

Kajsa(Sweden) and Machel(Germany)

While I was asking for helps to my friends, there were some kinds of feelings coming into my heart, which is “am I using my friends or exploiting my friends by asking for their favors?”

I felt something negative, maybe guilty, in my heart.

By the way, after asking for helps to many friends, it’s interesting that you’ll understand who really considers you as important and who takes you as nothing, and then you’ll finally realize who is really worth spending time.


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