Money with willing brings new future (4)

By | 2014/04/03

【Value of a company】

Inside the vision of his company, he never wants to invest “a company”, but to invest “the personality of the president.”

Besides, he also thought that “only those companies who can earn profits while contribute to the society can survive and grow.”

There are some other interesting definitions as well.

Donation: profits for society only
Speculation: profits for yourself only
Investment: profits for both the society and yourself.


【Definition of a valuable company】

Sympathetic capital to make people become serious and in earnest.

Sympathetic capital means the ability of a company to make people understand the meaning of its existence and the ability of making its employee to understand the meaning of their own works.

The strength of a company includes a clear vision, ability to raise people and trust.

The real profits of a company are composed of the value in hearts, the value of society and the value of public.

By the way, many companies are trying to use data to manage their organization. Actually, management with data generally make people in the organization become cold and press the passion.


【Evaluation of a company】

“How big is the gap between what president says and the employees feel.”

There is no any company that is 100% good. Generally speaking, a good company is a company that is trying hard to become a good company with its president’s and employees’ efforts.


The age has changed. People should not expect the authority to do something for them. It is the age of thinking by yourself by each individual to find out what you can do for the society, which is the way call bottom-up.

Besides, a job can be something no more than repeating processes, but it can also be something that gives people power and dreams by adding your believes and passion.

Leader is not someone who gives orders, but provides lights to people’ hearts.

“Am I live seriously and in earnest?” Do you ask yourself everyday?

“You should be the change that you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

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