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By | 2014/04/05

The most interesting thing is that even there are only few people who reply to your requests without hesitation, some kinds of feeling of being willing to help them back on some day occurred inside your heart. In face, I felt like I just swearing to help them back for certain on some another day.

Even for those I don’t really know well, I’ll still try to help them as much as I can.

(For sure, if it’s about money, I’ll spend more time to see how to help.)

What I understood from these feelings and thoughts is that it’s not really about “using or exploiting” friends. “Using or exploiting” is nothing more than expression.

If you think you are using and exploiting each other by helping and being helped, then you are using and exploiting each other.

If you think you are helping each other through asking and being asked for doing favors, then you are helping each other.

But I believe the most important meaning inside is “what kind of relationship you want to have among people?”

With the personality of hating to have relations with people, including helping or being helped, you can just say no to people.

With the personality of loving to have relations with people, including helping and being helped, you can just help, or to say “exploit”, people.

Two gays
Inside this thinking process, I clearly felt that there is one word came to my mind that it never did, “please use me and exploit me as much as possible!”

Being used means I’m needed.

Of course, it must be a balanced relationship. One-way helps never continues and develops. I’d definitely want to be used in a bilateral relationship.

By the way, on the other hand, A friend who never helps you is never a friend.

In conclusion, the relationship of helping/exploiting each other can, as a result, be as good as the relation of sharing interests, the one we are familiar to.

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