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By | 2014/04/17

It was a full-day seminar event, called Analytics 2014.

A very impressive event and made my view and thoughts much wider than ever.

It was held by a company called SAS institute who develops big data analysis system, including web access automatic analysis system, event sensing system and automatic reaction system.

Many things learned about big data in this day.

“Features of big data”

In current age, most data were made digital, and then the digital were connected through Internet.

By analyzing the huge data, amazing values can be created.

The potential of big data:
・Process optimization
・Future estimation
・Innovation creation


“Big data examples”

(1) UPS

More than 4 million requests for delivery and more than 40 thousand trucks running everyday forms the huge data inside the company.

They put GPS sensors on every truck and track the running route of every truck in every moment.

Then by calculating the most efficient route for each single truck, they made it to save lots of time and the cost of fuel.


(2) United Nations

Big data can also be used to estimate new economic index.

With analysis of the message existing on blogs or SNS, it would be possible to build up some new economic index.


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