Case Study : Pyramid Scheme Business (2)

By | 2014/03/02

The true interesting point comes now.

There are 2 strategies to make the members themselves keep selling others products.

The first one is to have a ranking system. If they can achieve some goals, their rank will rise and earn more money, even earning oversea tours including invitation to their own family. The point is that this strategy exploits the love of the members to their family. This is very special and cruel.

The other point is to build heros and heroines inside members. The method is to publish membership magazines every 2 months and deliver to all members, where inside the magazines, the “high rank members” are interviewed and graceful and elegant photos are demonstrated, to make the low rank members feel that they can also be the heros or heroines someday by working harder.

Money makes the Devil turn millstones.


(2)  Perfect products

The members from this business definitely say this.
“The product is perfectly good.”

And they certainly also provide some famous stars’ words or some news reports to indirectly prove the superiority of their products.

The really interesting point is that if the product is truly perfectly good, they do not need to convince, actually. They just need to build a webpage with an order form on it and then by bringing some free samples to people on the street, soon the orders should just fly to them. Why do they need to convince others to use their products?


(3)  All members are great people

This is also a very impressive point, but I did not meet anyone else yet. No comment.

The most interesting point comes from the last article tomorrow!

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