Case study : Pyramid Scheme Business (3, final)

By | 2014/03/03

“You should possess your own business!”

(4)  Possess your own business

This is also an extremely interesting point! They persuade you to possess your own business.

The enterprise culture in Japan is very different from other countries, which is very common for Japanese people to work in only one company for the whole life.

Usually, there are quite few chances to get promotion in a Japanese company in a short time, and Japanese people usually stand for this and wait for chances. The reason why this culture can be maintained so far  is because that Japanese company seldom fires employees. So Japanese workers want to keep stability in career and stand for less chance for promotion, and Japanese companies provide stability and never fire employees, which just keep the balance of this culture.

However, the environment is changing and there are more and more companies start to lay off employees now…

The members from the pyramid scheme business utilize this cultural background and environmental changes to convince that everyone should have his/her own business because the environment is changing and no any companies can promise life-long employment anymore.


What they said so far are perfectly correct! And now they just utilize this correct point to make people feel that what they gonna say is also correct!

“You need to have your own business, so you should start this business!”

“Owning a business means you should try everything you can to earn money!”


These are the wrong concepts in disguise of correct words.

Within diverse live styles, people live on the basis of different philosophy of value. However, the value inside this pyramid scheme business is nothing more but money. I cannot feel that this business will bring benefits to our society, nor bless to people. (nevertheless, the members in this business always say that they are happy and feel blessed)

Sometimes, the members use the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” as a tool to support their explanation of their pyramid scheme business.

I surely consider this book is very good and provide us great concepts and knowledge about business.

However, there is one thing important to mention, which is that the core value of this book is “money means everything.” Just as you know, “having lots of money” is not really equal to “having a full filled life.” Since earning lots of money is usually felt similar to having a full filled life, it is quite difficult for people to find out and be aware of the difference.

How about a life of having nothing but money? Do you want it?

I don’t.

So, actually, this is a very interesting case study of business model. I believe that the one who create this pyramid scheme business model must be a genius of understanding the greediness to money inside human beings.

I would also like to produce a novel business model as high level as this one, but I will create more value other than money.

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