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By | 2014/05/03

The Education of Finland is very different from Japan or Taiwan.

As it was reported in PISA (OECD investigation of student achievement) every 3 years, Finland is always at the top positions.

Here I listed up some features of the education of Finland in my image.

(1) Education is fully free of charge from elementary school to doctor’s program
(2) Most schools are public and the quality of education is basically no difference among them.
(3) Students don’t attend private or cram schools after their study in public schools.
(4) Less competition.
(5) High-quality teachers.
(6) High freedom for teachers to decide their own contents and styles of education.


(1) and (2) indicate that the education cost is fully afforded by the government, which makes no any difference in education from the economical situations between wealthy and poor families.

Looking into east Asia, there are many very expensive cram schools existing in Japan or Taiwan. Hence, only wealthy families can afford the cost, which increase the advantages of children in wealthy families, and this produces the difference in education.

In contrast, in Finland everyone can receive high-quality education in any public schools equally and this makes everyone has an equal chance in growing through learning.

If you want to learn and grow, you can start any time any where without worrying about your savings.



Besides, the academic degree dose play very different roles in Finland and in Japan or Taiwan. In Japan or Taiwan, an academic degree from a prestigious university is very critical to find a job and work through his/her life. However, I guess it’s totally different in Finland. Learning how to grow, how to work for a happier life, how to find what you love doesn’t really need an academic degree from a prestigious university. If you failed in learning or trying, the welfare system of the nation helps you restart. You can learn again for free and receive medicine for free. People don’t even need to consider a degree important because there is something much more to do.

As a result, the education creates an environment that asks people to think actively but not just get higher grades.


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