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The issue among education, protection, over protection and independence is always the controversial issue for parents.

I still remember clearly that it was the second year in my senior high school life. 15 years ago…

I always commuted by being sent and picked up by my mother, and I still appreciate that now. However, she was always busy and it was very common to wait for 30 to 60 minutes until her coming.

I proposed to her that I can ride bicycle to commute even it take 40 minutes one way to the school. She refused, with the reason of being dangerous. The same situation happened again and again.

While I was the third year student in senior high school, I was refused to ride a scooter. While I was in the second year in university, I was refused to drive a car.

Is this really good for a child?


I can fully understand the reasons of keeping children away from danger, especially in the age of 30s now, but I never believe protection is the only way and always the best way to education children.

It is much much important to teach children how the recognize how dangerous the situation is and how to decrease the risk reasonably, which is far more helpful for the rest lives of children as well. Certainly, adults need to help children for specific estimation in some difficult situations while they are not matured yet.


So, as a result, I didn’t tell or discuss with my parents anymore and borrowed a scooter from my friend to get the drive license while I was 18. I also got my driver’s license for a car while I was 22 without letting parents know.

At that time, I just understood that it is not a good way to let my parents know what I am going to do since all discussion with my parents in the past turned out to be rejection.

Nevertheless, actually I really desired some good advises from my parents, such as driving techniques or the methods of estimating the dangers in various situations.

It is still a long way for your children, and you also clearly understand that you will not gonna stay with your child for all their lives.

Therefore, the better way for children would be teaching them how to take the risks smartly, how to estimate the situation reasonably and how to make their own decision based on their own believe.

Then children can be independent and have full filled lives.

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