Japan memory: (13) Career of my own business

By | 2014/08/22

While I quitted a “general” company, I felt the view of my life become so wide in a sudden.

I can control my time 100%.

My own time, my own actions, my salary or my future. Everything.

Of course, I have to take high risks for these.

The most different thing is that I am free from being forced to worked with people I don’t like.

As an employee, operating a business needs helps from lots of people from many different departments. Therefore, you need to hide your opinions or feeling to ask for helps sometimes.


That’s “forced relationship”, which means you have to work with people not chosen by you.

But if you work by your own self, you can choose whom you want to work with.

You like some people, then you work with them. If you don’t like some people, you can just say “thank you and goodbye”.

Free and simple relationship.

Surely it’s very important that you can find out who is worthy working with and who isn’t.

With this style of working relationship, I felt life was widely opened and stress was gone.

As the previous passage mentioned, (People, relationship and future (2)), I knew Mr. Kenji Kato in 2010 and I supported his business when he started his own business in 2013.


Getting bored with the business operation in a “general” company and wanting real experience of operating a new business, the option of joining Mr. Kato’s company became a great chance for me.

After talking to Mr. Kato about this, he said he had an empty room in his apartment and offered me the room with rent fee of 30% general market price, even including the gas, electricity and internet service.

Besides, my apartment contract will end and need to be renewed in the following month at that time. After calculating the cost of renewal of contract, guarantee fee, insurance and the rent of 6 months, I can save as much as one bonus incentive if I choose to move to Mr. Kato’s house. It was clear for me. I move in 2 weeks after Mr. Kato’s offer.


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