Japan memory: (3) Hard study! Entrance exam!

By | 2014/08/12

After settling in Tokyo, the next most important thing to do is to enter the degreed program and what I need to do is to pass the entrance exam.

The program I tried to enter is call Mater program of Precision Engineering and there are 2 ways to enter.

One is the route of general Japanese students, which is to take exams of mathematics, physicals, etc and interview.

The other one is the route for foreign students, which is to provide some kind of certificate of English language proficiency, GRE and hand out bachelor’s essay for review.


TOEFL and TOEIC are accepted. Since I had already taken TOEIC in Taiwan within 2 years and with a sufficient result, this part was cleared at the beginning.

Although bachelor’s essay was not a necessary task for most Taiwanese college students, I happened to take a course of essay at the last year of my university life. Furthermore, I wrote the essay in English, which mean I can hand out this essay without taking any further time!

So, for certain, I chose the route for foreign students.

The most challenging part was GRE.

GRE at that time included 2 parts which are mathematics and English.

The math was so easy, like the level in junior high school. Anyone can obtain full score easily.

But English was a nightmare. The vocabulary used in the test is something we never use.

For example, “check” means “stop”. The other example is a word I forgot which means the line between the axis and the tire on a wheel of a bicycle.

That was very tough study. I really did my best to study from 9AM to 10 PM 7 days a week just to memorize thousands of words. The rest time is only 1 hour for lunch and 1 hour for dinner in that month.


Well, as a result, I was lucky to get enough scores.

Then, May came. I got my scores and documents ready for inspection.

Which means I am free from June to October!! 4 months!!

What should I do?

Since I was in Japan and I wanted to have more chances to talk to Japanese, I tried to join a union.


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