The future of Japanese public finance (3): Entrepreneurship

By | 2014/06/27

However, the current environment for entrepreneurs in Japan is very unfriendly.

First of all, looking at the side of social and cultural aspect, entrepreneurs are usually considered as some “different” people. So it is not easy for some scaled companies to choose small companies as business partners.

If we image the reasons, “Without past trading records, it’s difficult to control the risks. If I decided to trade with some new companies, I need to take more responsibility if some problems happened. But if it’s a big company, I don’t need to take a larger part of responsibility.”

So, in one word, ventures equal to high risks and people hate risks.


What can the government do?

Can’t the government produce some system for big companies to get some benefits while starting new trading with small companies?

In the aspect of education, can’t the school teaches entrepreneurship and let people know how to smartly take risks of being entrepreneurs or work with entrepreneurs?

The law can be more friendly for foreigner entrepreneurs.

It’s not necessary to make it compulsory to invest several thousand USD to register a company and borrow an office just for applying a visa for being an entrepreneur. If the visa is not approved, all investment of several thousand USD will be gone!


The law can be modified to make the application to be 2 stages. First stage is to inspect the business plan and then approve a conditional visa. After that, the entrepreneur can start to invest to register a company or borrow an office. While the government confirmed the registration of a company and the business is ready to start, the visa can be issued then. This can probably make it more friendly for foreigner entrepreneurs!

The barrier can be lowered much more than we imaged.

But it is still not getting better……still……


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