The future of Japanese public finance (7): Finally

By | 2014/07/01

The second is health insurance.

National health insurance designed for every citizen is truly a great system.

However, it’s common to hear that most expanses for healthcare are in the last several percentage of a life.

Although it’s extremely difficult to judge the importance between the cost and elongation of a life, people need to continuously discuss and think about it more so they can figure out a way to keep the financial situation of health insurance balanced.

At least, people can start to have a new direction that not everyone really needs to elongate his/her life with extremely expansive medicine or devices covered by national health insurance.


The last one is pension.

It will go bankruptcy.

The population who is paying for pension is decreasing every year, but the population who is receiving pension is increasing every year.

Furthermore, the government is planning to keep the pension balanced on the basis of the most optimistic economic growth scenario!

The most serious crisis is not the efficiency of government or the financial situation. It is the fact that no one wants to face the truth of Japanese public finance.

This article is not only written to criticize Japan.


It’s written for my lovely Japanese friends.

Please be prepared for your own future.

Please try to do what you can do.

And please do it now.

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