Money with willing brings new future (2)

By | 2014/04/01

【Entrepreneur experience】

He was teased by his coworkers while he tried to create his company.

Because of his unique philosophy for investment, no one in the investment industry believes he’ll succeed.

He was even considered crazy and out of general knowledge.

Through what he thought was, “there’ll be no chance inside the general knowledge from the same industry.”

“New values will be created at the fields where considered ridiculous.”

Then, after new values were created outside the general knowledge, crisis goes to those who didn’t change and chance goes to those who changed.

Kamakura Investment Incorporation was born exactly from this “non-general knowledge.”



He got requests of promising 2 words while he was trying to collect founds.

“Never change your vision”
“Do everything you can to the very end”


These 2 promises brought him 10s of millions yen (hundreds of thousands USD).

It’s a real example of “real supportive people come when people perform their real will.”


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