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【Good Company】

He mentioned several points.

A company can never develop bigger than the vision of its president.

The way to make a good company is neither perfect management nor astounding strategy, but the virtue of the president.

About this, president Kamada had asked another president from a good company, “how do you become a person of virtue?”

The president answered, “it’s easy! Work for others!”

That’s it!
Sounds easy but difficult.

Except these, President Kamada talked about the common characteristics of the presidents from good company.


1) Clear vision

They always know what to do and what not to do.

2) Hungry to knowledge

Formula for success change all the time. Keeping studying and trying are the basis of driving businesses.

3) Humble

Actually, the 2 points above are just exactly what Steve Jobs said in a commerce of Standford, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

4) Thankfulness

Can you make your employee love their jobs?

5) Action



He also added that great presidents pay efforts “extremely” significantly.

For the common rules in industry, like keeping your words. How serious and complete can you do it?

To a common level, good level, excellent level or an outstanding level?


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