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By | 2015/09/28

Even though I believe I know what I’m doing, it’s still very easy to fall into the trap of veracious cycle.

What is that and why do I think so? I need to talk about the difference between entrepreneurs and employees first.

If we think about the difference, I guess “freedom” and “authority” could be the things that are very different from entrepreneurs and employees.

If you are an entrepreneur, you have free life and free style for your job. You also have 100% authority for all works you do in your job, especially for those who are running small companies as a 100% shareholder of the company.


In another word, except for something illegal, you can do anything you want as your job!

In that case, it’s common that there come lots of ideas to your mind and you want to do all or most of them for your job.

An idea comes today and surely you want to do it!

Another idea comes tomorrow and you think why don’t I do it!

As a result, ideas come more and more every day.

You realize that you can never catch up your new ideas because each idea needs lots of time and efforts to carry out.


Moreover, although carrying out new ideas is one of the main works for entrepreneurs, there are still some other tasks entrepreneurs should do.

Accounting tasks, learning the basic knowledge for taxation, law, and so on are also important and needed to be done by the entrepreneurs themselves.

In contrast, employees’ works are decided by following the indication of the bosses or management at a certain level, no matter how many new ideas come out to the employees every day.

Therefore, the situation that more and more ideas are put on the task list every day basically doesn’t happen on employees. (but it may happen due to different situations in each company)

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