Paternal property and uncertainty acceptance in Japan (2)

By | 2014/03/21

First, the aspect of laws.

Do the laws protect females while the natural burden occurs on females? Do the laws punish those who discriminate the weakness of females?

Do males consider females basically having the same ability to males? Do males treat females and diverse people equally?

For instance, do senior male employees educate new employees in the same long-term way no matter the gender of the new comers?

Do senior male employees always ask female employees to do daily routines?

Do females demonstrate what they want to do and what they want for their career clearly?

How do they feel about the males having lower pay than themselves?

Generally speaking, in Japan males think it common to earn money for their wives, but Japanese females are strongly resistant to earn for their husbands.


I got another example by asking a Hong Kong girl (30 y/o) one question: “do you feel any resistance to have a husband earning less than you?”

She said: “No, if we can support each other and enjoy our lives together, it is no problem!”

The evolution of what Japanese males and females think is what needed.

Looking at the data figure, northern European countries are sitting at the other side.


Females have much more equal status in society in countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland and Netherland.

Norway even had a condition for those companies who are trying to go public of at least 40% females in their board members.

If we check the employment rate of the females in 30s in Japan and Sweden, there is an amazing gap of 67% in Japan and 89% in Sweden!!

I suppose the key is in law environment and thoughts in Japanese people.

I will focus on this if I got some admission from northern European universities!

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