Reading is important in quantity or quality? What is a book for?(3)

By | 2014/05/29

The last point about books is “All evaluation from the world is all based on results.”

A famous baseball player from Japan, Ichiro Suzuki, said: “A 40-year-old baseball player did 3 hits today, people will say that he is well experienced. But if an old baseball player did nothing today, people will say that he is too old to play.”

This is exactly how the world responses.

If you succeeded, became rich, be famous, any books you write, any word you say and anything you do become great and important for people to learn!

For instance, if you got a result of success, even you borrowed lots of money for a new business while you were a college student, you’ll be evaluated as “brave”, “not afraid of risks”, etc, but if you failed, you’ll just be evaluated as “immature”, “not well planned” or even “stupid”.


Taking another example, “Just try anyway” can be “behavior of great activity” or “positive challenging spirits” with a successful end or “not well considered”, “no plan” with failures.

Steve Jobs of Apple had become so famous nowadays which made whatever he said are so important now. But please remember that Apple just fell into the slump 10 years ago with the same leader. Macintosh lost the war to PC.

Was the same leader, Steve Jobs, valueless for us 10 years ago?

We all understand that it’s not true.

Then why the media never talked about Steve Jobs 10 years ago?

Yes, it’s because that Steve Jobs didn’t succeed 10 years ago.

Do you understand the point now?

What media, publishers, newspaper companies, magazine companies want is sales.

As a result, they publish books that were made attractive, but not books that are really helpful to the society and the world.

So, people buy books written by famous people and famous people sell books with their names more than the contents. The publishers also make authors to write the contents that fit what the readers what to read.


Do books written for attracting people to buy provide high values?

Anyone of you should think and judge carefully.

Never judge a person only with his/her results, but with your own objective view!
Never limited whom you should learn only with the results!

Never fully trust the media that are operated on the basis of sales.

Please be smart, be objective and read books with your own opinions.

All of these ideas are just my personal thoughts. Hope these helpful as your reference.

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